I just got back for a long area government meeting and feel a bit tired so this might be a bit of a meandering rant post. The meeting had already gone long enough tonight when the topic of the new NY State gun laws came up and how the county legislature was going to vote on a proposition to repeal the law and send it to Gov. Cuomo. The biggest arguments for it were it was infringing on our rights to bear arms and there were no plans or monies set aside to enforce the new laws. What I found interesting was that no one had a concern about the violence we have seen in so many public places. Also there was no alternative solutions put forward nor even a desire to try and make the law work in a positive way.


In today’s age of entitlement is the need and desire to ‘try’ at anything gone the way of the dinosaurs? All around I see and hear:

  • I’m not happy
  • I can’t do that
  • That is too hard
  • Can’t they make it easier
  • We can’t try that
  • I’ve already decided I’m giving up
  • Why should I try?

Now that we have had a brief reprieve from the ado economic depression of ’07 to ’11 it will not surprise me to see the number of divorces rise in the country. They have shown a historic pattern of doing that in this country since people can afford the lawyer and feel more security in their job. The effect on children, despite what any ‘experts’ say, is substantial and tends to be more then either parent bargains for. One part of the problem is that the child/ren see or heard that the parents ‘gave up’ or ‘didn’t try hard enough’. As such it suggests to them that it is alright to skip homework that is hard, doing just enough to get by in class and/or complaining about low scores on tests because the test is too hard.

One nice quote from a presentation tonight was “The best way to predict the future is to invent it” by Alan Kay. We sure don’t have much of a future as a society and country if we continue with the lack of effort.


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2 responses to “Trying

  1. While I think I’m on the other side of the argument of you on the gun issue, I do whole heartily agree on the “trying” issue. We’ve become a very lazy society as a whole (first world nations in particular), if it’s too hard we don’t go any further. I think having some hard times might actually be good for our society so as to bring us back to what made this country (and most of the world) great! Hard work, determination and doing it yourself, with family or those around you, instead of relying on our governments would make our families and communities even stronger.

    • Nicely said. Please know that my husband used to hunt and still has guns. For the children’s safety he keeps them at his Parents. My perspective is that guns are OK as long as they are respected and training for individuals owning them is available. To me guns can be very safe when used properly and respected, but the safety is lost when knowledge and respect for what they can do are lost. Thank you for your comment.

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