Nice post that captures many partial posts I have in my WP draft files. Parents need the support to be better parents and to understand that they are their children’s lead teacher.




I must admit that it boggles my mind.  I know I should be more realistic. I am certainly aware that attitudes regarding parent education, although mostly positive, do not usually translate to any real action.

I am writing this blog about the recent push by our President to mandate universal preschool. I agree, in theory that children would benefit from extra stimulation and a positive environment in which to explore and thrive. Early intervention often allows children who have developmental delays or issues to be diagnosed earlier which is critical. I do support universal preschool. However let’s consider the fact that parents are a child’s first teacher. Parents contribute to the success of their child even prior to conception since a mother’s health and nutrition are important factors to a child’s overall health which includes intellectual ability. Providing a nurturing home life with a discipline plan in place, attentive…

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