Sunday Morning Shout Out

A Parents Muse

Sometimes parenthood feels like one of those big drinks from a convenient store: morning coffee, gulp, followed by the meals of the day, big, cold gulp.

Sometimes parenthood feels like the game, “Clue”.  Johnny hit me in the living room with a book. Susie hit me in the library with a toy. S/he started it.

Sometimes parenthood feels like a Buffalo sports team, as your responses to your children feel like a “wide right,” and a “no goal,” during the  “Super Bowl” and “Stanley Cup,” and you keep trying.

Sometimes parenthood feels like a John Gray book, raising two girls and now a boy… “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus.”

Sometimes parenthood feels nothing like the award winning show “Parenthood” and sometimes it does.

Sometimes parenthood alludes description.

Sometimes parenthood feels like thievery, as you steal away 10 minutes for yourself, and a hot tea and a book, and you have found treasured gold!

Sometimes parenthood makes you feel like a scrambled egg.

Sometimes parenthood feels like a very cold morning. Watching my two little girls hang onto each other waiting for the bus, during a blustery wind, takes my breath away

Sometimes parenthood feels a lot like trying to end  a blog piece for the week. You can’t sum it up with easy comparables, but nothing else compares….


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