Sunday Morning Shout Out

It has been one of those weeks.  Stomach bugs, ear infections, math angst, and sleep deprivation are us! Fortunately my tough is many other people’s easy. Never the less, here I am , with a few thoughts to share, after reaching Friday that stretch from the land of comic strips and superheroes to “Saturday Night Live.”

Sometimes I think my life as a mother resembles a comic strip. I seem to recall a  “Family Circus” comic strip where the mother is trying to diaper the dog and walk the baby. Could putting the milk carton in the cabinet and trying to dress our son in my coat qualify here?  Or perhaps parenthood resembles comic books, as all parents are superheroes in my mind. The lengths, the extraordinary lengths we all go to for our children!  Sometimes, I think of the shower as my superwoman phone booth, where I have to  come out, and  be ready to brave any force and phenomenon that is  coming into our home, whether it be sickness, fractions, shoe tying, or food aversions. (I keep an extra cape in my purse and glove compartment in case I forget the purse)

Sometimes I feel like one of those hamsters rolling in a plastic ball, as a parent.  You can sort of see what’s around you. You know where you’d like to be as a parent,  a wife, a writer, a butcher, a baker, a candle stick maker, etc., but you are trapped in this plastic ball that prevents you from going far. My plastic ball happens to be made out of sickness, added sleep loss, and an extra busy calendar right now.

Sometimes I feel like I am lost at sea. The sea is calm and beautiful at times, but other times wildly choppy, stormy, and threatening to overtake the boat.  Fortunately, I have strong oars.

Sometimes I feel astonished when I see the three little dear people in our house. I see my husband and I in miniature form. I see our strengths and weaknesses. I see our beauty marks and blemishes.  I see things that are nothing of us and extraordinarily of other, better, and beyond us.

roloSometimes I just have to laugh.  When your 20 month-old pulls “Rollos” off the shelf at the supermarket, what little man wouldn’t start eating them? When your oldest becomes an expert on Greek and Roman mythology and your youngest daughter loves snakes, you just have to grin and be grateful.

Gilda RadnerThe   late comedian, Gilda Radner, perhaps most known for her years on “Saturday Night Live” wrote an autobiography called It’s Always Something.  Basically the gist of it is that is such is life. At times the woe is me factor can linger large over small and not so small stuff.  I have found that when the woe is me and it leaves the house with Elvis, I am much better off. Call it humility, gratitude, grace, empathy with others who are in similar, or far, far worse and more trying situation, I am filled with perspective. Call it what you want, depending on your spiritual or lack of spiritual persuasion, but it is far better than the negative, all-consuming perspective of pity, anger, and resentment. Love fills in the broken pieces. So do comic strips, superheroes, strong oars, and laughter…

Thanks for reading this and if you have a chance please vote for our school on the WGRZ WEATHER WORD…

If you have a few minutes this evening your vote to help our school get the WGRZ weather machine would be appreciated. Here is how to vote:

  1. Go to the Weather Machine Voting page link
  2. Select the County Name in the drop down box: Erie
  3. Select the School Name in the drop down box: St John the Baptist (Alden)
  4. Enter the Weather Word: Air
  5. Enter the Security Code that is displayed:
  6. Check the Rules and Submission Boxes
  7. Click Submit
  8. Do it again!  The word is good all weekend.


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2 responses to “Sunday Morning Shout Out

  1. I love your blog, you will never know the impact it has on me, and others as well. It is nice knowing I am not alone in my “capeless” moments of motherhood.

  2. nicole

    Thank you! Michelle, you are an inspiration in mothering and being a good person! Thanks for your kind thoughts!

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