Adult Learning

With the economic climate of the last 5 years being relatively dismal, mature learners have been returning to secondary education in unprecedented numbers. This is great, but going back to college or university is much more complicated than it was when you were just out of High School and much in higher education has changed today. Now your busy schedule makes finding the time to study difficult. Many students find themselves feeling incredibly stressed and under enormous pressure when studying. The question is why?

There is a plethora of contributing factors to adult student stress:
·        Family responsibilities take up time and energy

·        Part time or full-time jobs require your attention

·        Having had a successful career, you put too much pressure on yourself to be the ‘perfect’ student

·        Study methods you learned in school don’t work with modern teaching techniques

·        You have not kept abreast of technological advancements

·        There are gaps in your knowledge base as you have lost things you learned at school

If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, then consider getting a tutor. Learning centers are generally provided by each educational institution, but are often staffed by other students who may not have the skills to recognize your academic needs or help you to organize your life. You also have to make appointments and fit in with learning center schedules. Study groups are also an option but tend to be course specific.

Tutor are trained to recognise your strengths and weaknesses. They are able to help you to organize your time more effectively so that you have enough time for all the things in your life that require your attention. They will help you to study smarter, not harder.

Tutor are also able to fill gaps in your knowledge or review things that you learned in school, but have since forgotten. This will give you a stable foundation on which to build. Tutors can also teach techniques to improve concentration and memory so that you remember more of what you learn.

Study skills, research skills and writing are all paramount in presenting essays and assignments that are well-organized and grammatically correct. No matter how thorough a grasp of the material you may have, if you are not able to present your arguments and research well, your grades will suffer. Tutors are able to work with you on assignments and essays to improve your communication skills. Tutors can also be mentors as you go through higher level degree work such as Masters and PhD’s. There they can often keep you on track and provide a sounding board for your ideas. This proves especially important in writing your thesis or dissertation.

Choose a tutor that suits your personality. Find one that comes to you and fits in with your busy schedule to simplify your life. Find a tutor that is an expert in your field so that you benefit from the very best advice.

Measure your results so that you can tell if your investment in a tutor is paying off. Set realistic goals so that you have a sense of achievement and are able to feel more relaxed and confident about your studies. Investing in a tutor may be the very best thing you decide to do in your academic career and helps to keep your sanity!


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