The Home Stretch

spring breakA large majority of UPK- 12 schools in North America are now on a one to two-week spring recess. This is a great time to recharge the batteries and get ready for the final marking period. Report cards or status reports for the previous three periods have been sent home and it is a good time to reflect on how acceptable your child is doing.

Knowing what can be done to assist them making it through all the chaos and stress of the final weeks of the 2012/2013 school year can be a challenge. The challenge is even greater if the student is not doing well and there is a chance of failing. Here are some tips on meeting the challenge and helping your child succeed.

Talk with the schools counselors/guidance department – Use this first step to get an accurate picture of what your child’s status is and their chances for success. Also get assistance from the staff in contacting and meeting with the teachers where your child is having issues. If your school doesn’t have a guidance dept. you can go to the teacher or principle. Bottom line is to remember you are the client or customer. You have a right to time with these individuals and their support in having your child succeed.

Talk to parent of children in the same class or classes – Ask if they are also having difficulty. If there seems to be a large number of students having issues it maybe something more than your child having an issue.

Discuss the situation with your child and develop a plan of action together – If your child is involved in the planning and desired outcome they are more likely to succeed. Have them help create the consequences for failure and rewards for success.

Plan the rest of the semester – Look at the calendar and plan for the rest of the semester. Planning is a large part of success. Don’t forget to put together a plan for the individual days and when your child does homework and study

Determine if Sports or other After School activities are interfering with your child’s academics – Often times students have too many things going on and they are not getting the sleep they need. It also cuts into the time they have for homework and reading.

Be ready to support and work with your child – This is often the hardest part for parents who work and have other obligations. Some other support measures can be study groups, studying with a friend and/or getting a tutor.

Do weekly check-ins with your child and the school – Doing this will help you support your child’s difficult task of achieving success in a sort period of time. It also allows adjustment to issues and concerns that may arise during the week.

We hope you have a great break and success in the fourth period



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