Sunday Morning Shout Out…A Bit Late

So certainly, this is how it sometimes goes.—Particularly with kids. This spring breaking family broke.  Or should I say the house of cards fell down. Or did it?

We tend to save traveling for other times of the year. When breaks occur, I tend to don the recreational director hat. I like to have some sort of agenda or itinerary of events to spice up my children’s time off from school. Mind you, it’s nothing crazy. It seems like we have crazy, warped speed too often, like most American families, during the regular school year. I am talking things like sleepover at grandparents’ houses; playdates; storyline; cooking special things, etc.  What is it that they say about the best laid plans?

Like Dominoes, we started to fall right before Easter. The first one of us went down Friday night with a fever and  a bad cough. We got through most of Saturday without incident. Our six year-old seemed to be completely on the mend. This particular virus seems to like hide and seek as much as the kid!. It reared its ugly head Sat. night. Sunday, Easter morning, a glorious morning, a sickness free morning., it seemed like a sickness free day.  Yet drowning out the echoes of happy kids looking for eggs, was an ensuing cough from a little toddler boy. The thought was that it could be nipped right then! But I was busy. Golumbki/cream puff making day was hijacked by a 24- hour stomach bug. Mind you again, I am usually fortunate. I don’t get sick very often. If I do, it is usually very short-lived and usually not of the stomach variety. Additionally, like most homes, mama holds up the house of cards. If she goes down, so goes the house. Thus, I swear by sheer will, I often avoid sicknesses that every other family member has had.  But I digress.  It just wasn’t in the cards, the mama house of cards, this time around. What does a mother do?  This happened to come on at my own parents’ home. Thus, I am convinced our house of cards couldn’t completely fall, because I was under my mama’s house of cards.  With my mother, both my parents really, and also my husband who took over when I came home, the house of cards got quickly rebuilt.  –Not so much paper in those cards I guess, but brick, fortified by my family’s love and hopefully Lysol that works!

So the week kind of continued that way. I got better, not 100%, but better and able to take back the normal household reigns and routine. This was just in time to watch our other daughter start to falter and our son worsen. One doctor trip later, our son has been diagnosed with an ear infection. Our six year-old continues to be chased by this weird sinus/upper respiratory infection, My husband is trying to not to completely succumb to it. Our oldest reports vague symptoms of a sore throat. We are supposed to go away for the weekend to see some out-of-town family. This could go either way.

Sometimes when things go awry, other things make up for it.  We seem to draw closer when one another gets sick. My girls were each other’s best playmate this week, whereas in healthier times they may have had  more time with friends than with one another. Doing normal things are more appreciated. During  a  hiatus from sickness, we had a super fun playdate and library outing.,  On some of the few nice, warm enough days, I was able to get outside with the children and enjoy spring unfolding.. My girls were able to see their cousins, great-aunt, and grandmother for a special outing. Times like this underline how fortunate we are that our children have their grandparents so close by and that they play such a huge role in their lives.  I have the deepest appreciation for our parents who support us 120% during challenging times all the time really.  I believe it also helps my husband and I better appreciate what each other does and support each  other that much stronger. So I guess the house of cards is far from having been blown down. She’s been reminded of what she’s made from….


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