Sunday Morning Shout Out

A funny thing happened the other day. I was doing a craft with our youngest daughter and found myself enjoying it. Mind you, I consider myself a creative person, a creative thinker, etc, but not that kind of creative.  For me, I have to confess that doing crafts with my kids is an act of love, not joy. Until most recently, it has ranked right up there with getting my eyebrows waxed.

Many moons ago and a trip back in a time machine later, I was a kindergartner in art class. I remember the nun who taught us art  having us do a project with Styrofoam peanuts. I think we had to decorate a bell with them. I didn’t make a peanut, I made a mess! There was more glue than anything that day.  Probably a sea of glitter, too!. I do believe that is where my craft “angst” started.

elmers glueHi! I am Nicole and a recovering craft avoider. I recognized the redemptive value of crafting with kids. (Not just saying this) Crafting helps kids in a myriad of ways. ( I am not a paid spokesperson for a crayon or glue company). It helps them build their creativity and critical thinking skills. Over the recent break, my daughter and I had to make something out of a recyclables. We constructed a cat out of a juice bottle and old paper. Both of us leaned into the project and came up with some good ideas about how it make our cat realistic looking. Better yet, our kindergartner took the lead!  It really was pretty cool and spurred a conversation about recycling!

Whether it is playdough and scissors for the early writer or crocheting for the older child,  arts and crafts help kids with fine motor skills.. There are so many fun ways, outside of Styrofoam balls to build these important skills.. Crafting is pleasurable! (Shocking personal revelation, I know). Who doesn’t like seeing  the fruits of their labor take form?  Mass cringing and mass avoidance aside, I have always admired people who can do arts and crafts with their children. As   grace, luck, fate, karmaensuing diasaster    would have it, my girls love to craft! They are very good and patient with it. I guess I need to be!


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