Why You Should Go To Summer Camp

summercamp.jpgSo you think you are being a good parent. You remember last summer and the moans of being bored from your child. This year you spent tons of money on a summer camp for your child. However, your child doesn’t want to go and ‘hates’ you for thinking of sending them away. Here are some points you can bring up with your child that can help them want to go to camp.

First know that the summer holidays are stretching out in front of your child and they may be so happy to have a break from school that they don’t want to think about summer camp. But you should; summer camp is a great way to really provide them a break from their day-to-day life and have great new experiences. Some of what they can expect are:

Meet new people
Some of the best friends they will ever have will come from summer camps. Meeting new people will help them develop their social skills and expand their circle of friends. It’s great to meet people who come from different places and have different views and perspectives.

Try new things
Get out of their comfort zone and have some interesting experiences. They will be able to partake in new and exciting activities at summer camp. They may find a new sport, hobby or interest you never had before or learn a brand new skill. Finding out how capable they are and taking on new challenges will help them to be more confident.

Get into shape
At camp, they are so active that it’s easy to get into better shape than they will sitting at home on the sofa. The activities are fun and they’re enjoying their self, so they won’t feel like you’re working out. Take this opportunity to eat well and get some fresh air. Being outside in a natural environment, doing fun activities with good friends will really help them to de-stress and rest after a tough academic year. Know that they will come home refreshed and ready for the challenge of a new school year.

Its fun!
Choose a camp that suits their personality and offers experiences you know they’ll like. While it may seem like they just want to rest after writing exams, staying home will get boring fairly quickly…remember last year? When they have a summer camp to get look forward to, they won’t find your summer vacation boring.

Summer camp can be a really great personality-building experience. Your child gets to socialize outside of their circle of friends which means they can meet new people from different schools, states or even countries. Going to camp will give them the opportunity to spend some time outdoors and in a natural setting so they can relax and de-stress.

Let your child know that challenging yourself and getting out of your comfort zone is a characteristic of successful people. They will learn new skills and surprise their self at just how capable they are. They will return from camp with more confidence and mature which will help them cope with the demands of a new academic year. Lastly let them know that summer camp is fun, and will give them memories to last a lifetime!

Note…as a parent do your homework and make sure you choose a camp that has high recommendations and check references! The last thing you want to do is worry about your child’s safety or experience at camp!


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