Sunday Morning Shout Out

Mother’s Day Wishes

Happy Mother’s Day 2013! We know that the best things on Mother’s Day aren’t found in a special store, but really in a special place in our hearts. From the heart of the tutoring world to the heart of your home, a few Mother’s Day wishes for  all you mamas, grandmamma’s, and beloved individuals in your children’s lives who are like a mother to a child.

May you have snuggly mornings and easy bedtimes!

May you have homemade moments over Hallmark ones!

May your day be warm and so be your food!

May you enjoy both your flowers and children in bloom!

May you have much actual family and friend time over face time!

May your challenges be framed by proper perspective, macaroni noodles, and finger prints on windows!

May you see the gift that is your child, over your breakfast in bed or brunch at the table this day and everyday!

May today give you pause and a chance to see the big picture of your life!

May  you realize  the gift  you are to your children today and everyday!

Superheroes are real; mom is one of them!

Happy Mothers Day


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