Adam’s Lessons

The Beginnings of Life

When I was still in high school, waiting to branch out and go to University, I couldn’t imagine a more drastic decision in life; “what to select as a major?” “How far from home am I willing to travel?” and, “how will the school I pick affect my life-long career goals?” were all questions I had running through my head as I thought I was setting my life in stone. However, as many of you may very well know, you can never set your life in stone and although actually deciding where to go and what to study is a big decision, what about after all of your work and time has been put in? What comes after all of this dedication to your future endeavors, especially when there are so few to pursue in current job market conditions?

Mission Hill Winery

Mission Hill Winery

Thankfully I have always been lucky to have great opportunities arise to me, even in moments of failure which is essentially what led me to graduate from George Brown College’s Hotel Management Program this past April, with my eventual goal to complete the WSETs to become a distinguished Sommelier and Spirits expert, and to own and operate my own venue. It was through some tenacity and sheer luck that I was then able to be hired by, in my own opinion, Canada’s premier winery, Mission Hill Family Estates in West Kelowna, British Columbia.

Ever since I moved my life from Toronto, back to Buffalo, and then all the way over to the Canadian West Coast, I have been having the time of my life, (you would be surprised where you can go with a mere two suitcases). For the past two weeks of living in West Kelowna I have experienced tremendous views from my apartment every morning, temperatures of 80 degrees or more and I have also encountered a black widow spider as well as having been trained on how to handle a run-in with a rattlesnake. Throughout all of my years in school I would have never seen myself working and living in a paradise, which has simply proven to me that you can’t rely on tests, teachers and professors, career path assessments or even the influence of your own peers and relatives, because in the end of it all it is on yourself to create and advance your opportunities for yourself. I had always believed I would become an architect, or an engineer and then an astrophysicist, because of my academic career and even some personal interests, but making that move away from home essentially opened my eyes to the true possibilities out in the world today.

So this will be my first lesson to anyone who is nervous, stressed or even excited to take their first sip from the cup of life and move away from home, be prepared to change…A LOT. You won’t even see it coming, but when it does what matters is how you handle the challenges that are presented to you. You have to remember that growth is only achieved through overcoming your obstacles and I can ensure to you all, that if you can handle what life will serve up to you on a silver platter then you will be just fine, and go places and achieve things that you never thought possible.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief introductory blog! Over the coming weeks I will be discussing many topics from how to have a academically fulfilling high school career, the recruiting process of high school athletes by universities, personal stories from attending one of the top 20 universities in the World, the University of Toronto, switching not only programs but universities as well, and my personal experiences in working with wine and spirits in the luxury hospitality industry.


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  1. Welcome to Kelowna, Adam! My husband works at Mount Boucherie Secondary just below MIssion Hill Winery… way to follow your passions. I am excited to see what unfolds for you.

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