Lemonade Stand – 2013

Lemonade StandYour student’s teachers will be the first to tell you that the summer vacation has serious effects on your child’s learning if you as a parent don’t provide some type of academic stimulant through the summer. While it’s good to take a break from the books, teachers often struggle for weeks to get those brains back in gear come September.  Plus, with the new academic standards the time to do this is reduced because the volume of new material in a year has increased.  Our role as parents is to creating fun summer activities for our children that help them to exercise their brains and keep learning alive.

We have written many posts in the past on the virtues of the Summer Lemonade Stand for a child…and you.  In this installment we’ll focus on more of the educational benefits.  The lemonade stand is a fun way for your child to learn through the summer. It teaches a range of life skills and gets them to practice math all while having fun and learning the fundamentals of commerce. While you can teach a number of lessons through a lemonade stand, remember that it’s mostly about fun.

Spreading The Lemon Love
Start by working with your child to select a charity that they really love. Whether they need to raise funds for their Girl or Boy Scout troupe, or they want to give the proceeds to a local pet shelter, together you can find a worthy recipient of your lemonade income that will teach your students about the importance of community and charity. Another donation option and source of inspiration and information is Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

Marketing Savvy
Once you’ve decided on a charity, the next thing you can teach is the fundamentals of marketing. Here you can discuss locations and why some would be better than others. Next, take on the lemonade stand itself. Discuss ways in which you can decorate your lemonade stand to attract attention. Get your students to make signs that advertise their lemonade stand, the charity they are supporting and the items that will be on sale. They can also make posters to advertise the lemonade stand in advance. Glitter, balloons, pictures and other decorative elements can help to add a creative facet onto your educational endeavor. Also discuss ways in which your students should greet customers and how they should help them.

Green Your Lemonade Stand
This is also a great opportunity to focus on the environment. Make your stand and posters from recycled materials.  You can use boxes from your local grocery store to create a store front and posters.  Opt for biodegradable cups or plastic cups that you can wash, sanitize and reuse.  Make sure that all the materials end up in the recycling once your lemonade stand is taken down.

Math Whizz
Keep lots of change on hand and let your child work out how much change each customer needs to get.  They can also count the money to see how much they have made.  This is a great way to get them to practice their math skills while having fun.  Working with money is a valuable skill and one which is becoming very rare due to the proliferation of registers and calculators.

Help your child determine the nutritional value of the lemonade and anything else they sell. If they are making it from scratch they can learn how to derive the information from the individual ingredients and then combine them. Different sizes of cups also provides some great math practice as they increase or decrease the nutritional values. Make sure to post this information for your customers.



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