Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Spring is almost over and that means Father’s Day is quickly approaching.  No matter what your age, your Dad is really there for you and you want to give a gift this Father’s Day that represents the appreciation and gratitude you feel for all he does for you during the year. So what do you get that guy who seems to have everything and doesn’t give you a hint?  We suggest that you celebrate your Dad this June 16th with a special gift and a great memory.

With Mother’s day and Father’s day, it really is the thought that counts. Its not the size or cost of the gift, but rather the idea and sentiment behind it. This is great news for those of us who have a limited budget. Here are some ways to give your dad a great experience on his special day.

Great Memories
Being a Dad to three great children I can say that Dads like nothing better than to spend the day with their families on Father’s day. Pick an activity that you know your Dad enjoys and share this with him on Father’s day. Book a round of golf and be his caddy, plan a fishing trip at one of his favorite fishing holes or buy tickets to a concert, show, or game that he would like to see. Spend time with your Dad and make sure that he feels super special.

Grill Master Gifts
Dads love to barbecue and they always love new gear. Get your Dad a new barbecue or accessories, a big steak and some cold beers, wines and enjoy a lovely barbecue with him outside. If you Dad is a sports fan, put together a tailgating party with some friends, some drinks and a portable barbecue before a Baseball, Football or Soccer game.

Camping Trip
Plan a camping, hiking, fishing, beach or canoeing trip for you and your dad to enjoy. You can get him some hi-tech camping gear to take along and try out. Camping with the family or with other Dads and their kids can make this a really fun activity.

Movie Night
Get your Dad a box set of his favorite films. Is he a Clint Eastwood fan? Does he love Kung Fu movies? Get a couple of his favorite films, make some popcorn and snacks and get the family together to share in a fantastic movie night.  If it is a nice night out you might even be able to do it outside under the stars by setting up your own outdoor theater or going to an old fashion drive-in.

Gift of the Month
Get him a package of gifts for every month until next Father’s Day. Examples include the beer of the month, wine of the month or bacon of the month packages. This is the gift that really does keep on giving and he will be reminded every month of just how much you appreciate him.

Do It Yourself
The best gifts are always those you make yourself. Make your Dad something he will really enjoy like handmade candies, an item of furniture, a painting or picture or a movie of his life from all the pictures and video footage you already have of him. Even a handmade card and dinner are a great way to spoil dad on Father’s Day.



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