Sunday Morning Shout Out

PollyUnfortunately, there is no shortage of bad news in the news. The question is how to share it or not share it with our children. For me, it comes down to how do you want your children to hear about it. With school age kids, it seems only a question of when they will find out in school or through digital media.  As parents, it is better coming from us, as opposed to the kids on the bus who might not have the complete story or may embellish it with their imagination.

The website, sponsored by the Child Development Institute’s “Positive Parenting” segment offers a list of  sage advice in an entry titled “How To Talk To Kids About Tragedies In The Media“. From keeping it minimal, yet factual for young school age children to giving them an outlet for all their varied feelings on a situation, this article gives specific tips for parents and adults negotiating these difficult times. Probably the most important tip is making sure they feel safe.  I wish there was not a need for such a list, but then again I am not Pollyanna living in Carebear land.


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