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Life: Post High School All-Star

From the time I was 14 until I was 17, I ruled my High School. I got along with everyone, I could do anything and succeed at it and I loved every minute of it. But, does an A+ GPA, dozens of awards and certificates, being a top football recruit in your state or even an involved and well-rounded student really get you anywhere in life? The answer would be a big fat NO!

For all of those who are looking to begin their application process, or who are beginning to be recruited by universities be prepared. Your high school resume can be as pretty and as pompous as can be, but what you need to be able to do is be outstanding in person. This is where everyone either rises to the occasion or falls to their demise. If you’re going to make yourself sound like the World’s greatest person on paper, GREAT.  However, can you imagine how many other people can do that? It is in the tens of thousands.  What matters after the paper is getting yourself known to the people who are in charge of your admission to your next stage in life.

I hate to brag, but I like to think that I have a tremendous resume, especially for being so young, but I still remember that there are many gifted writers in the World who can create the greatest hyperboles that you could ever imagine.  So to make myself stand out without my paper report, I meet with every single person I have to in person.  And even with this new exciting career I have in Kelowna technology blessed me by being able to have a video call interview with my new boss when I was in Toronto. Technology is your friend, but it can also be an extreme enemy of yours (I’ve had an encounter with this which nearly demolished my future). So let me precaution you because you don’t want to regret something you did when you were still a teen that follows you through the rest of your life and career.

Getting back on track though, how do you make yourself stand out in a crowd?  Well one of my favourite (pardon my Canadian spelling) stories of this comes from a new friend and co-worker I have, who I’ll refer to as Homer.  Homer is a delightful man who has quite the background from being a physical therapist, to then being a traveling salesman in Australia for a year to now being a leading individual in the restaurant industry.  But even still, all of us who came to the Winery are the best at what we do, so how did Homer stick out?  Well, he decided to post a video resume online along with his paper resume.  What this did is it gave the employers a chance to see what Homer was about, he showed his passion for the work, his keen sense of humour, as well as his moustache.  Even though I already let you know, we hired him within about five minutes of watching that video.

ElvisSo what can you take away form this entry? Well, for starters don’t boost yourself up on paper if you can’t impress someone in person.  Also, you have to stand out from the crowd, and the best ways you can do that are based on simple psychology, do something different.  I mean think about it, you wouldn’t know Nikki Minaj without her ridiculous hair or her obnoxious “Roman” voice, yet her music is currently all over the radio (time will tell if she is just another passing fad).  Elvis wouldn’t have been the icon of Rock’n’Roll had he not been considered the Devil for shaking his hips in such a scandalous manner.  So what will you do to make sure that your intended school or place of employment will remember you and make them beg for you to come to them, rather than you competing against thousands of others?… That my friends, will be up to you.


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