Sunday Morning Shout Out

Many parents ask what they should get their children’s teacher at the end of the school year.  One year, my daughter’s teacher shared her own gift of kindness when she graciously accepted our homemade, laminated place mats. There have been the other homemade treats, with a side of egg shells, that were also well received.   A few years in a row, there was the gift of clove apples, after a Little House on the Prairie kick. With a nod to reading, my girls’ teacher appreciatively and pleasantly received their fragrant fruit.

My parents always played it safe and sent us in with plants for our teachers. It didn’t hurt that they had a side floral and plant business, outside their regular jobs.  After deciding a large bottle of alcohol was a tacky choice, albeit one some parents and teachers might pick on a bad day, I decided to do some online investigating.   The Great Schools staff at recently featured an article titled ‘If you give a teacher a cookie…‘ that discussed what teachers really appreciate. Some things that were mentioned included nixing the homemade goodies. While the article did not mention my girls’ egg shells, it did mention the fact that many teachers get inundated with baked goods and truthfully do not eat them all. It suggested if you go homemade and edible, to go for something with a longer shelf life, like jam or a sauce.

Similarly, it suggested plants, over flowers because of a longer lifespan.  One year my oldest gave her teacher a potted plant with some personalized art on it. That following fall, the teacher told me how well the flower did in her garden, all summer long.  Another possibility that was mentioned was a gift card. As you may or may not know, teachers spend a lot of their own money on classroom supplies. A gift card to a favorite bookshop, coffee place, restaurant, or store is a welcome treat and break for a weary teacher, whose extra energy and money go into their classroom. Other ideas include the group (I love this phrase) “love bomb” where the class goes in on a large gift for their teacher; classroom supplies-the most practical, if not least exciting gift; and last but not least the heartfelt, sincere card or picture of thanks. Teachers in this article were most touched by heartfelt appreciation and gratitude, that crayola colors and little hands so wonderfully do.  This has been my go-to item many times. In these tough economic times, but really in anytime, where such dedicated people work so hard with our children, and have received a lot of flak from certain segments in society, I think cards/pictures of appreciation are great! Remember great doesn’t have to be expensive or even bought.

The articles ‘Teacher gifts with the homemade touch‘ and ‘Last minute teacher gifts‘ at the Great Schools website offer up some other good ideas for fretting parents.



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