Sunday Morning Shout Out

Summertime is so many great things for children and families.  Picnics, swimming, vacations, fireworks, campfires, smores, slower paces, and more relaxing routines.  However, summertime can also mean the “summer slide” for many children when it comes to academics.  Time out of the classroom can cause a sharp loss in academic skills the following school year.

All to often reading and math skills are totally ignored and set aside for two months with the school backpack.  A report listed at the New York State Library website used the tern devastating to describe the “summer slide” children can experience.  The same report highlights that these losses are especially pronounced for children of economically disadvantaged backgrounds when it comes to reading.

Fortunately, there are some amazing summer reading programs going on in libraries and schools, that the above report says can profoundly ameliorate this problem.  By providing books; incentives to read; and other educational and cultural opportunities for individuals, families, and communities; this gap can be bridged.  This year’s New York State  Library system summer reading program theme is “Dig into Reading.”   Many libraries are featuring programs for  preschool through adult.  A quick use of your search engine can tell you what your library has in store for your community.

As parents, we know, that this must start at home. However, it is difficult for many parents to set aside the time or know what they need to do. The folks at offer some great tips to keep your child enthusiastic about reading during the summer.  From getting them connected to the summer reading program at the local library to enforcing and modeling certain behavior regarding reading, parents can go a very long way in preventing “summer slide.”  The key is making reading as strong a focus and hopefully a habit as during school year….


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  1. Maria

    So true. Good reminders

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