Summer Tutoring

safesummerSummer is a great time to relax and enjoy the weather, but if your child is struggling or wants to get ahead of the curve, just a couple of hours of one-on-one tutoring can completely transform their academic performance in the next academic year.  It can also reduce anxiety and stress and get them geared up for the coming year.  Working with a tutor can also build their confidence and improve self-esteem.  Having spent 3 hours reading and working with my daughter on Math today there is also the benefit of getting support and new ideas to help your child learn

Avoid The Summer Brain Slump

Over the course of the summer, students slide back 20-30% and teachers spend the first couple of weeks just getting them caught up to the point they were when they went on vacation. Math and reading skills suffer most. Students also get out of the routine of studying and doing homework. Having an in-home tutor over the summer will keep your student sharp and will make for a seamless transition into the new academic year.

Focus On Specific Areas

With a private tutor, your student can get more attention in a couple of hours a week than they can in a crowded classroom. Tutors are able to focus on the specific areas that your student needs help with. They can fill in the gaps and (much more importantly) teach the requisite skills so that your student is well-equipped to face the coming academic year.

Styles and Strategies

Each child has a learning style. Tutors are able to ascertain the learning style of your child and present information in a way that best suits their learning style. They are also able to show your child how to record information in ways that make it easier for them to process and remember.

While academic years are focused on disseminating information, students are often not taught coping strategies, study methods and effective communication.  Tutors can help to identify these problem areas and teach students the skills they need to succeed.

Tutors are able to teach study and organizational skills as well as time management.  This means your student will be able to effectively create schedules and timetables that work for them and give them ample time to study before tests.

Testing Well

The art of writing an essay or taking a test is also a skill that needs to be taught.  Tutors can teach test-preparation strategies and can go through practice papers with your student so that they can gain more confidence in exam situations.  Tutors can also go through exams to see where students need improvement.

Filling Gaps & Missing Building Blocks

If you noticed your child’s grades slide during the year it might be a warning sign.  This slide in grades might be an indicator that your child did not understand something during the year that is an important component of future lessons and studies. Without a good understanding and mastery of these building blocks your child will have a difficult time comprehending and fully understanding higher level concepts.  Tutors are trained to identify these gaps and fill them with tailored lessons. The summer is a great time to do this since they can focus on these areas of concern without worries about homework, tests and quizzes that occur during the regular school year.

Getting a tutor for just a couple of hours a week during the summer holiday can really make a difference to your student’s academic performance.  The increased confidence they will feel while studying in a one-on-one situation will also stand them in good stead in the coming year.  Tutors also tend to make summer learning fun for the student and the family.


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