Sunday Morning Shout Out

Dear Summer,

How is it going? You are a pretty great time of year.  Like a lot of things, there are certain things I like about you and certain things that really trip me up.   For example, I notice that on certain days, I am extolling your virtues, when I think of how nice it is to have all three children at home at the same time. I grin and say to myself,  “If family isn’t the greatest thing!.”  But than on other days summer, the same observation leaves me gritting my teeth and saying, “ Summer, you are a cruel vixen! What are you thinking raining so much in one day and leaving three little people and their big ones, acutely aware of each other and all whining, at the same time, in complete discord, like a pack of dogs in a huge city pound?  Where is your empathy and understanding of the plight of others?” Then adding insult to injury, you go and get all humid on us.”

summerBut then summer, you redeem yourself. You blow softly on the faces of my children and leave them playing very contentedly with one another, inspiring them to create a game that an adult simply couldn’t think of because it is so good, magical, and in the children’s realm. You energize their little bodies and  so nicely, sweetly  cause them to sleep  longer in the mornings and fall asleep breathtakingly quick at night. Ahh, summer my sweet friend!

Summer,  thanks for sharing your good friends. I love the flowers, vegetables, and fruit this time of year that grow for us.  Your petite friend the lightning bug is just darling! But what were you thinking when it came to bringing those mosquitoes and wasps to the party? Sometimes I think you’re just too much!

But then I remember how short your stay is. All your quirks and eccentricities can be overlooked, for I am a forgiving friend. I appreciate all the memories we are making.  I like the pace of hammock living, as opposed to extreme backpack wearing.  I like that you allow my children just to be children, without the added pressures of core curriculums and lessons.  I like your dress code, compared to your hardcore friend winter’s. There really is so much I love about you!

You’re fan and friend,



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