Entry 600

So we have been at this bloggity thing for slightly over two years now.  Time sure flies!  I only realized how long we had been doing it when WordPress was nice enough to show this is the 600th entry. So with that my original entry slowly changed into the ad hoc reflections of a blog writer and editor.   Of course the editor in me is not going to let the writer wander too much.

In thinking about how we have been able to come up with 599 entries focused on education and parenting I wondered how we have come up with all these posts.  That boiled down to:

  • Being a business we see this as part of our service and dedicate time and resources
  • Having a variety of people write entries. We have had entries from five different individuals.  One of the most consistent has been Nicole Kelly and her “Sunday Shout Out”.  It also helped that my daughter Alexandra is an ABT English Lit writer who can produce perfect content in less that half the time it takes me to write.
  • Working as a unit of a larger Corporation that writes periodic blogs also helps since if I have a day where I need something quick or I have other obligations I can quickly edit and post entries
  • Reading the work of other bloggers certainly helps stimulate fresh ideas
  • Scanning multiple news sources both online and in print
  • Volunteering as a member of my daughters catholic school grant committee gives me many a wonderful connection to people and ideas that have a foundation and easy to grasp purpose
  • Being elected as a member of the local Board of Education certainly lets me get an ‘insiders’ view of education practice and policy today.  It is volunteer work and takes quite a bit of time but it certainly is rewarding when we get to see the students and teachers excel!  This brings up a soapbox moment…Personally I think everyone needs to get more involved in their local government before it is too late. The root cause for the problems we face in this country is that we don’t get involved enough to keep common sense in the government and keep our leaders accountable
  • Listening to other parents…oh the stories we can tell!
  • Working with students from a range of age brackets. The people who ask for our services are serious about their education and while it pushes me to higher levels it creates immense pleasure watching someone ‘get-it’ and do well on the goal they have, be it a test like the ASVAB, SAT, ACT or in a course.  Often getting the material together for a session leads to new blog entry ideas.
  • Being engaged with our child’s school through assemblies, field trips, volunteering and reading the dreaded Wednesday package of papers that come home. It takes a load of time BUT it is worth it!  I missed most of this with my oldest children due to work and night school and it is one of my biggest regrets in life.  In retrospect, I can see that I could have changed things and been more engaged…wish I had seen it then…  )o;
  • Reader comments make it worth while and let me know that up to 900 people a day have read our blog entries
  • Setting a goal of 24 entries a month has helped keep us writing
  • Proper tools that WordPress provides certainly makes the process easier. I especially love the auto save! Oh the pain of lost blog entries
  • Lastly, I was reminded by the 112 drafts I have sitting in the hopper waiting for refinement, that being ready for entry ideas at any time of day or night AND saving all those bits and pieces certainly helps capture the spark of creativity

So there you have some of what has kept us going for so long.  Thank you to our Followers and readers!


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