Sunday Morning Shout Out

MeanMomIt was a hot summer night.  The air was buzzing with crickets and tree frogs. The spotlight was on me.  Hearing my name, I sauntered up to the glitzy, glam, high stage of the theatre of my imagination and accepted the award.  I was dazzling in sweat and humidity ravished hair.  The Academy of Disgruntled and Equally Tired little daughters made me the recipient of the “mean mother” award.  It was time for my acceptance speech.

Yes, I have waited a long time for this award. Today and all this week, it has been a long time coming. I can remember being the same age as the young women, girls in the academy. There were several times when my sister and I thought our mother was mean for no good reason. As I stand here before you (long dramatic pause),  I can  assure you that I now get it. When the oldest academy member officially  named me a “Mean Mother,” it took me back a bit and then I remembered how I got to where I am now.

Melodramatic music starts

I love you and so care about what happens to you, children, I mean academy members.  When my strong hopes and aspirations for you feel like they are dashed by your seemingly intentional disobedience, my patience and understanding are gone like a great heist in the movies.

More melodramatic music

I am diminished. I am flattened.  I am not fully there!

Add heat that makes Western New York feel more like California; busyness that mean we are more in the van some days, than our home; and a departure, yes a departure from the normal routine, I am ready to erupt like a volcano, or surge like Godzilla out of troubled water.  Yes this is how I became  the “Mean Mama” for yesterday’s screenplay.

This is how and why I raged!  

More dramatic music

Please rest assured, my most loved academy members, this is not a role I relish.  I play it with thirty extra pounds of guilt  and dread. I am actually going  to do something unheard of here.  I give up my award! Instead agreeing to play this part,  I will say no a little more often lately.  We will escape the heat as best as we can. I will stop being squeezed by time, like a boa constrictor’s prey.  A little more care will be taken… NO A LOT MORE!

So Academy, here is your award back. Just know that someday you will be like me as a mother. You will have these types of moments. But you will also have your star laced ones too…..


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