By nature I’m not a very patient person. However, over my 50 years I have learned this virtue can have some value.  I was reminded of this in my family life on Sunday as I was reading the weekly church bulletin. In it the Rev. James D. Ciupek wrote the following under the title ‘A Family Perspective’:

In today’s Gospel, a servant WAITED for the master to return. Waiting is a normal part of family life. We wait for a child’s birth, then for small legs to catch up.  Later we wait for teenagers to return home safely.  Finally, we wait in anticipation of a call or a visit from an adult child.  Waiting is sacred time; even in the waiting, we are connected.

This really struck home for me because at the moment I have two 20ish children who are developing their careers in these truly unstable times. I really feel for them as they deal with the chaos thrown at them in the last year as their Mother and Step-Father go through a separation.  Life at their stage of life is hard enough without dealing with that.  In the last month both have called for career advice and help and I was there and now the wait is on to see how it all plays out for them!

At the same time I wait for my wife and 6-year-old daughter to return from a 3 week trip to her home in Europe.  It has been quite difficult not having their smiling faces around.  I sure miss the running to camp, soccer games, horse riding and work on math and reading.  Absence sure make the heart grow fonder! I feel the connection, but it certainly will be nice to have them home tomorrow!!!

Thanks to my mother who had me over for dinner on the past couple of Monday nights…what a comforting feeling to go home.


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