Keeping Math Fun

So in yesterdays post we explored a bit of the new common core learning shift related to reading and provided some suggestions to help your child meet the challenge. The common core has also raised the bar on math for students.  Our daughter is pretty good in math as she enters 1st grade but to keep her skills up we have been working with her over the summer with addition, subtraction, greater-than and less-than.

About three weeks ago a parent of one of my students mentioned an online site that one of her daughters teachers for the coming year asked her students to use.  She gave me a great overview of the program and I checked it out.  It did look great and much of the math was free to use.  Our daughter has been using it for the last three weeks and there have been times where after 2-3 hours we have had to actually pull her away from it.

The site is Sumdog and is aimed at children from PreK – 5th grade.  Sumdog’s math games cover over 100 numeracy topics, split into 10 levels.  The games can be played either at home or at school and if you create an account your child’s results will be saved.  The site also has a parent function so a parent can see how their child is doing.

Most of the games in Sumdog are multiplayer, so your child can play against thousands of students worldwide.  As i said earlier the games are very engaging so students generally enjoy developing their numeracy skills as they collect coins and modify their avatar.

I don’t mean to plug just one math skill building site, but Sumdog is the best I have seen to date.  If you have another suggestion please let us know.


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