Global Geometry

This post is designed to keep on track with the two previous posts this week related to helping your child meet the challenges of the new common core curriculum.  The focus is on 9th-10th grade Social Studies aka. Global.  But just what is Global.  As author Pamela Kyle Crossley states in her book titled What is Global History:

Global and world history address the deep structural changes that have shaped human experience. Many are material, related to environmental and climatic alteration, to the domestication of livestock and development of agriculture, to technology, to disease, and to variations in human immunity, reproduction, and physiology.
Others are social and cultural, touching upon issues of migration, trade, language development and differentiation, institutions of enslavement and of freedom, traditions of marriage and child-rearing, the emergence of large-scale political organization from early kingdoms to vast empires, republics and federations, and the management of war and peace.

In respect to the NYS common core, history is still not really well-defined except that the regents exams will use the style of writing that the movement has been pushing.  In this style the student is asked to use a research based, referenced approach to essays they would be asked to write on exams. Dates, historical figures, movements and cultures are still important and but rote-memorization is emphasized less.

As a tutor one of the sites I like to use to obtain maps is Education Place.  They have a host of maps and they generally come in a labeled and unlabeled format. They are quite accurate and are regularly updated as countries come and go in the political map world.  Education Place also provides a variety of physical feature maps.  The maps are a great tool to help teach children parts of the world and demonstrate where history took place.

For my students I have them create essays that utilize a famous figure, their homeland, the culture, dates or time ranges and physical features of their homeland.  I have found that this works quite well in making sure the lessons are engaging, enlightening and fact based. Students have been very excited about the approach and according to preliminary data they are doing better in the classroom and on written exams.


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