Sunday Morning Shout Out

End of SummerIt was that type of day you find yourself daydreaming about when school returns or perhaps even better, when snow flies.   The breeze was gentle and the air smelled sweet.  The sky was a crazy quilt of different shades of blue. The early morning temperature was in the low 70’s, moving towards 80.  The van was packed. We were off to the beach!

Sand toys; a picnic lunch; and the usual summer detritus were carried out of the van.  The kids were anxious to explore and dig.  Although the temperatures were rising, the sand enticed my lot more than the water when we first arrived. While we were at beautiful Beaver Island State Park, a great ocean reflected in my two year-old’s eyes.  He seemed beside himself with awe and wonder.  My girls and my nephew busied themselves with making castles and then burying themselves. I breathed and took it in., though part of me wanted to greedily gulp it down.  As it warmed up even more, the water pulled us all into her reach. My in-laws and I walked into the water to join the kids. I was so grateful they orchestrated this day!

Not a better balm exists than the water, for this summer girl. As summer wanes, I hold onto the season more tightly.  I am reminded of how quickly the season is turning, as I see the Canadian geese frolicking on the beach and think of the cool nights after the warm days. Right now, I will enjoy summer singing her swan song….


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