Winds Of War

no-warFinding it a bit hard to write about education right now with the ignorance going on in Washington at this moment.  One would think that educated people would heed history and learn that war never solves anything except to keep the poor poorer and the rich richer.  We have seen that with Afghanistan and Iraq.  War promotes suffering and upheaval mostly for the poor, children and women.  There is no certainty that private citizens will not be harmed by shells, bombs and missles…infact it is pretty certain they will.  So is that collateral damage worth it?  What does that teach the Syrian leaders?  How serious can we be when the biggest war monger in the USA is playing poke on his iPhone as a debate about spending millions if not billions of USA taxpayer money on teaching a guy who let us torture prisoners on his soil is being waged?  I thought we were on a sequester budget?


To me it seems pretty clear that Syria wants a USA attack and is taking our Nobel War Prize winners red line as a way to prompt it.  That allows Syria to attack Israel and then Israel attacks Iran.  $1,000,000 question is what Russia does.  I suspect they defend their allies.  However, that is above my pay grade and our leaders must know this won’t happen…right!

Closing, I don’t think we are not war weary…we are just sick of senseless wars that are draining our resources from our children and creating more poverty in this country than at anytime in its history.  History has many lessons about what happens to counties that have excessive poverty.  Sad how a child 12 years of age in Afghanistan or the USA has never lived a day of peace in their lifetime.  Sometimes I wonder is it is better to read about history than to live it?


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