Sunday Morning Shout Out

It is a little fast and furious around here. I am not referring to  a movie of a similar name, but the steady stream of notices that have come home from school this past week to join school and other  community activities. What is a parent to do? To have your child participate or not participate, that is the question.  On the arm of some social media, I have conducted a very unscientific gall up poll and came back with these responses.

Responses were fairly diverse, with common themes.  A parent’s time was one. How much running around do you want to do, as the parent of a child with many interests and activities?  Other responses looked at how family time would be influenced, with one mom suggesting that it would have to be something her child was pretty passionate about for her to disrupt theirs.  Other responses looked at how children fared while involved in activities, balancing the children’s desire to be involved with something versus their stress load and parental stress load, while making that happen.  Still other responses found parents who enthusiastically encouraged their children to get involved with activities, as long as their school work and other responsibilities did not suffer, and they honored their commitments.  One responder aptly put it, this seems to be something every family negotiates a little differently.

While we like to see our children involved in things, they are limited.  The last thing I want to do is be the parental taxi service and have a more hectic household than we already have.  Regular life with three children is busy enough!  I have also tried to keep certain activities limited to Saturday mornings, as more during the week is too disruptive to this house.  Our oldest has been involved in some school activities that meet regularly, once a week, for an hour at a time. This has not been applicable to the younger children yet.

This is something most parents seem to grapple with today. Whatever you decide, do what’s best for your family’s health and well-being.


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