Sunday Morning Shout Out

Slipper FeetPerhaps you can relate.  As I write this blog post, I eagerly anticipate sleep, my bed, and the bliss of a full night sleep.  Yeah right!!  As parents, we know that sleep becomes different once children are part of the picture.  Even when babies start sleeping through the night, new teeth, ailments, older children’s ailments, stress, overtiredness can turn rest upside down in any house.  Then when everyone is sleeping well, I have been told sleep deprivation returns during the teen years as teens stay out, parents stay up, teens sleep too much at the wrong times, and proper rest again becomes a rare commodity.  It can be very frustrating and maddening for the exhausted parent. Some nights sleep and bed time routines are as fun as the thought of poking oneself in the eyeballs.  Not to mention it is worrisome too. We all want our children to be well rested.  Heck, we want to be well rested, too. Some homes just seem to have a better sleep quotient. But perhaps this can be overturned.

The folks at offer some idea for better sleep in an assortment of suggestions for toddler/preschooler sleep.  From the suggestion of  consistent bedtime routine to thoughts on how to help our busy little ones wind down, there are tips and links to other articles that deal with sleep, rest, and how to make bedtime and rest more pleasant and abundant.  Please let us know what works in your home?


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