Sunday Morning Shout Out

A great visual reminder of what the morning routine is for younger children! (Image Credit:

A great visual reminder of what the morning routine is for younger children! (Image Credit:

You know the type of morning.  It goes by the unassuming name “Hump Day” and leaves you feeling like you keep sticking your fingers in your eyeballs.  We were all running late,  running behind, or not running at all.  Sometimes, it seems like our own version of water torture, I mean the movie “Ground Hogs Day” where every day is the same, keeps playing out.   Instead of dressing, children are playing and looking for toys in their room. The lunches aren’t fully made.  Kids are dressed, but sockless on cold mornings.  The bus is about to come and hair is just being brushed. Today the morning routine seems routine and rhythm less.

There are many benefits to the morning routine, in fact any routine.  What we do on a daily basis can ground us and ground our children in many different ways.  Routine provides us something to fall back on.  Routine means we are ready, because we do it all the time and it’s “old hat.” Routine means safety, predictability, and that we know what to expect. It can wonderfully set us up for the next day or seemingly sink us in its absence.. So why, lovely friend, do you get lost when we most need you?  Who hijacks you and replaces you with your poor crazy substitute called chaos? Is it because we have one camp that says your awesome and the other that says you’re a bore? Does time act like a thief and rob your presence? Or is it your accomplice, the rogue villain distraction?  I believe it is both. –At least for this mama. Tired mama puts off packing the lunch the night before.  Distracted mother soothes a crying two-year old and lets her girls get off tract. Idealistic, but unrealistic mother believes her six year-old can do all she is asked to do in the morning on her own. Mistaken mother thinks that she can pick one fashionista’s and one comfort monger’s clothes easily.  Oh what was I thinking?

There are some easy fixes here. There are the tried and true activities of picking clothes out the night before; making sure lunches are fully made the night before; and keeping attention to task.  Unloading the dishwasher can wait until the kids are on the bus, it is far better to use that time to shepherd the girls along their routine and make sure our little guy is dutifully occupied.   Many parenting focused bloggers have chimed in on the issue.  There are some I regularly like to read.  Professional organizers speak on this issue.  There are some ideas I gravitate towards. I am “going back to the future” with getting as much done the night before and trying to keep it simpler.  I am looking at  our family’s needs and rhythm I think some of this is family and person specific.  What works for you and your household?


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