These People Are Educated?

Just laughed at an article on Yahoo finance titled ‘Young Invincibles on Obamacare: ‘We’re Not Impressed’‘.  Why laugh you may ask?  The reasons are simple.  First, one of the basic principles of this new ‘law’ was that 18- to 29-year-olds would buy insurance.  Well duh Mr./Ms. fiscal planner you forgot that part of the law allowed or should I say mandated that young adults up to the age of 26 could remain on their parents insurance.  Why would they go off their parents to pay for their own insurance?

Second, I’m 54 and my family is self insured via a basic Healthy New York plan that in the last 3 years has gone from $450 a month to almost $700 in 2013.  The usual tactic at this time of the year is for them to send a notice of renewal but no cost quote.  Yesterday they (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) had the courtesy of sending us four…yes FOUR letters (two to my wife, one to our six year old and one to me) stating that beginning in 2014 there would no longer be four care options.  There would now just be one and that the new cost would be $1,041.25.  That was so nice of them wasn’t it?

Yep I am now working on the NY State exchange.  It is more horrible than I imagined from what I had heard.  It kicked me off 4 times, allowed me to create an account on the NY State Dept of Educations On-Line education system and is so complicated that I had to leave it and will need to get assistance on completing it.

So just what has Obama care done for us?  It is costing me more money, sleepless nights and an increased distrust of Washington. To me it is only impressive how screwed up Washington is.  Perhaps they need to take courses to help them be college and career ready?

In parting I say beware that if you think this is as bad as it can get wait until they really get their fingers into education.



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2 responses to “These People Are Educated?

  1. As a military family and dealing with the “government” for years (mil. websites, mil. insurance, government whims, etc.) I warned non-mil. friends what was coming. It was actually worse than what I expected. So far the military hasn’t been forced into this, but we’re bracing. It scares me that our insurance woes and bureaucracy could get worse. I’m sorry this has happened to you – you didn’t ask for it.

    And yes, the same thought about the 18-26 year old’s crossed my mind too. Why would my oldest get off our “free-to-him” insurance, to pay a huge amount for himself? But hey – he can get free birth control! *eye roll*

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