Sunday Morning Shout Out

It is here and fully upon us.  As the first real snow continues to fall lightly outside, I truly welcome in the holiday season.  We get ready to give thanks tomorrow and then the build up to Christmas time.

I love this season on so many levels.  For me, it marks a time in which we are all at our collective best.  As we give thanks, we think more often of our blessings and what we are grateful for in life.  We also think longer about those who do not have all we do and we think of how to help; how to contribute; how to share our bounty.  For a time, it Is less about us and more about the greater world and its needs around us.  Imagine what such attention and contribution could do the rest of the year!

I also love the wonder of the children.  I do not think the most jaded individual would remain that way, if they spent abundant time with little ones.  The big turkey; little pilgrims and Native Americans; the baking and cooking; the decorating; the music and singing; the tree;  and playing in the snow all create a palpable excitement and  joy among the  little set.  You can’t help but feel it in their presence.

I love the socializing. Whereas most other times of the year we say we will make plans with extended family and friends, we tend to really do more of that this time of year.  We gather and enjoy each other’s company.  We make greater efforts. We do not rush as much.

I love the traditions, with the food ones being some of my favorite.  The pasta dishes on my husband’s side and the fish, sausage, and ham dishes on my side, remind us of where we came from and the richness of our differences.  Hearing the old stories of how it used to be done and telling our children stories about our childhoods, mean everything to me.  The roots are being planted; I am a grateful gardener.

So now I am really ready.  The Christmas music that began right after Halloween on the airwaves and  the items that appeared  two months ago in the stores were completely out of place for me.  Yet with it now really here, I am ready to dive head first into it all.  When you pull me out, you might just find me covered in flour; lights; and little boy and girl kisses.


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