Top 10 Outcomes Of Common Core

So the year is coming to a close and it is always a good time to reflect on major topics of the past year.  In education perhaps the biggest topic was the common core and the effects on education in general and more specifically students, teachers and parents. From my perspective the concept of common core is sound and well intentioned.  However, the aggresive implimentation, low funding and inadequate training has made it less than a success in the eyes of many…and yet there is a great deal of positives that have come from it.

These would be what I consider to be the top 10 outcomes of common core in 2013:


  1. Lots of Federal money has been thrown at something other than middle east wars
  2. Arne Duncan made some pretty brash comments that didn’t sit well with soccer moms
  3. There is more consistency in education across the states
  4. Teachers are being evaluated
  5. Teachers are being held accountable for the success of their students
  6. The cost of education has risen above inflation
  7. Gifted and Talented education in public schools continues to be ignored
  8. Lots of private and ‘not-for-profit’ organizations have benefited
  9. Vouchers are a big topic again
  10. Parents are more engaged in their child’s education

Now lets see what 2014 brings!


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