Sunday Morning Shout Out

Let me set up the scene.  The snow is softly falling. The children are in their warm jams.  Hot chocolate is ready to come off the stove.  A tall Christmas book is in your lap ready to be read.

Okay scratch that scene.  If your house is anything like mine, most bedtime moments are not so Norman Rockwell.  Sometimes the holidays can seem more  “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”  than anything else.  But I have a perfect antidote.  Even if the jammies are mismatched and the hot chocolate is burning, the right holiday book can remedy any situation.

At Children’s Book,  there is a great breakdown of the best in new holiday books for the youngest set of readers. National Public Radio affiliate KOSU put together a list of one writer’s favorite science fiction books for young (tweenish?) readers, for the holidays or anytime.  If you have burnt the hot chocolate and can only clothe your children in their most stained, non-cute pajamas, and it has been a disaster of a night, perhaps you need  a humorous holiday book at your side.  A new  funny offering this year is  the book Awkward Family Photos.  Finally, for readers looking for more traditional books, “Stylist” magazine offers a list of some great holiday books they call ‘50 Best Christmas Books‘.  What is your favorite book for the holidays?


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