Sunday Morning Shout Out

Twas a few nights before 2014 when all through the house

Not a child was stirring, not even our two year-old who likes to get up during the night still, and crawl around like a mouse.

 My children’s’ favorite dress up clothes were hung, no make that crumpled on the ground without a care. 

In hopes that mermaids, fairies, knights, princesses, princes, and the odd pop star would soon be there.


Daddy in his earplugs and I the complete sap

Had just settled down for some grown up time and a chat.


When out on our lawn there arose such a clatter

I sprang from my armchair to see what the heck was a matter.


Away to the window, I bolted like a flash

Sprung up the window and wanted to dash


When what to my sleep deprived eyes should appear.

Something that any parents in their right mind would fear.


The children were stirring, not inside but out

Bellowing bad boy band songs; looking like Elton John in the 70’s, and dancing no doubt.


Yelling nine year-old, six year-old, and two year-old, please stop!

If you continue, there will be a call to the cops

When does school resume, I say, it has been a long break

We don’t know how much commotion; pleas for inside voices, even when outside, we can take!


While your breaks are good, your time in school is also a pleasure.

Two weeks off has given us measure.


The sight of your school buses and the normal routine, we will treasure.

From our house of Elton John’s to yours, Happy Holidays and Happy 2014!


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