Monday “Think About It”

Would it be wiser to extend the school year, make school days longer or pack more into the current time students spend at school?


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  1. Maybe there is another option. If parents and teachers work together to create a community of learning, learning can be an activity that is embraced rather than stigmatized without making school days longer, packing more into them or extending the school year.

    The world is full of opportunities to learn; creating a supportive environment for learning whether within school walls or outside of them is key. Parents can even take opportunities with fun activities at home to teach their kids about science, math and more. If you haven’t heard of any programs like this, check out ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program. While their focus is stopping summer learning loss, the blog is packed full of fun activities that work inside the classroom or at home to create a community of learning. You can find their blog here:

    [FULL DISCLOSURE: I don’t work for ThinkStretch, but I do help with their digital.]

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