Today marks a big day of change for catholic schools in the Diocese of Buffalo, NY.  Taking a proactive approach to changing demographics and trends in education around the globe the catholic education leadership decided the time was right to study the options it had to provide quality faith based education in the Western New York area.  Part of the findings was that the Diocese needed to better market the values and benefits of attending their schools.  As all good marketers know there needs to be a simple message that conveys meaning,  connects to the viewers needs and calls the them to action.

The introduction of “STREAM” as a marketing message and curriculum that includes the stressing of more Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Math (plus more honors programs, electives and remedial instruction at the schools) began in Sept 2013.  Now the radio and TV ads have just started.  Personally, I think the ad is well done and will help introduce more parents to an education option they may not have considered.

How the public will respond to the hyped press conference today and the anticipated closing of a number of schools in the area will be interesting.  As stated in a Buffalo Business First article  Carol Kostyniak, director of education for the Diocese of Buffalo,  “The main goal here is to consolidate schools so we can offer more programs, stronger programs and invest in the kids. That’s the bottom line.”  Investing in the kids…what education should always strive to do but it sure can be hard.  The press conference with Bishop Malone is set to be broadcast at 3:30 pm Eastern today and can be viewed live on the Diocese school web site.


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