Little Girls And Dads

A Daughter's Smile

A Daughter’s Smile

I went to our schools Father/Daughter dance this past Saturday.  This was our third dance and each year they get better.  The women who organized and worked it did a great job with the organization, food, music and activities.  I will try to post the activity in the coming days since it was fun and it was a learning experience for both my daughter and I.

Upon leaving the dance the hostess provided a really nice departing gift and a parchment paper with a prayer/poem on one side and some notes on the other.  I’m not sure where the notes were taken from but I thought they were worth sharing here:

Some Items for Dad’s To Note:

Role Model

  • A little girl gives her trust in her father to guide her as she grows up not fully understanding what impact it will have on her.
  • As a little girl, the first love in her life is her father and how he treats her will have an effect on her relationship with men later on in her life.
  • Daughters look to their fathers and in many instances imitate his gestures.
  • As daughters grow up they sometimes look for traits and facial expressions that resemble those of their father.

Building Self Esteem

  • Fathers that make time to spend with their daughters help build their daughter’s self esteem.
  • When daughters feel love and support from their father they generally have good relationships in marriage.
  • Images of the father around the house cleaning, cooking and helping out ave an impact on his daughter’s perception of what a man’s role in a family relationship is all about.

Things She Sees

  • Things that parents do such as co-operating, taking responsibility, sharing, compromising, communicating and having mutual respect for each other affects the daughter’s view of relationships.
  • As the daughter grows up it is both individuals’ responsibility to maintain and continue to strengthen their relationship. If this begins at an early age it is easy to continue and has lasting rewards for both.

As Daughters Grow Up

  • A father may feel his relationship with his daughter becoming distant as she grows older. However, it can be his chance to allow their relationship to grow and change in new ways. Plus, he can remind himself and reflect upon all the experiences and lessons he has given to her.  It is important to remember that you will always be the love of her life.

If your school doesn’t have a Father and Daughter dance I suggest you try to organize one! We also do a Mother and Son night and a Mother and Daughter event.






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