Sunday Morning Shout Out

“A Recipe for a Perfect Snowday”

One vast lake

A polar vortex

Blizzard warnings

The ghosts of Western New York blizzards past:  Irv Weinstein, Jimmy Griffin, Susan Banks, mixed with today’s Andy Parker, Kevin O’Connell, and Mary Alice Demsler*

  • A smattering of Twitter and a whole lot of Facebook
  • Boards games, dress up clothes, cookbooks, kindles, movies, and a little television
  • Popcorn
  • Hot chocolate
Image Source:

Image Source:

  1. Mix one ominous sky mixed with some lake effect snow sunshine and sub-zero cold.
  2. Prime the parents and children of Western New York to incite a rush to the grocery store; children unable to settle back into school after a long break; and create a celebratory/manic feeling in the air.
  3. An hour before school lets out, stir up the winds and start the white out machine
  4. After everyone is home safely, reduce the visibility completely.
  5. Start reminiscing about past snowstorms.
  6. Post blizzard warnings
  7. Make the winds howl!
  8. Notify parents there is no school; parents electively tell children the night before or wait and increase the excitement by telling them in the morning.
  9. Sleep on it; wake up to the same weather conditions as the night before.
  10. Keep children and parents home together.
  11. Issue travel bans.
  12. Make popcorn and hot chocolate for breakfast.
  13. Allow for extra television and kindle time than normally allowed.
  14. Parents sneak off and read a book
  15. Get the board games and dress up clothes out.
  16. Play and read away the hours, while glancing outside.
  17. Call distant relatives and tell them it’s “blizzarding”  here.
  18. Reduce their five inches of snow to nothing.
  19. Eat macaronic and cheese when not eating popcorn.
  20. Repeat the following day.

If bickering begins and everyone starts to grate on each other’s nerves by the next day, add sunshine, blue sky, and normalcy to the mix…in other words:

No More Snow Days…Back-To-School!


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