Sunday Morning Shout Out

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day week comes the dear story in the Huffington Post of a man who has written 826 napkin notes to his daughter.  Garth Callighan has written these  lunch time notes for his daughter Emily Claire Callighan, age 14, since she has been in 4th grade.  But now he has upped the ante.  Garth has been fighting various forms of cancer for the last three years, and currently has stage four kidney cancer.  While Garth writes a new note everyday, he has written enough of these notes to last until Emily graduates high school. They have been meant to inspire, show love, and to connect with his daughter.   The notes contain his personal beliefs and words of support for his daughter. One note said, “Dear Emma, Everything in moderation.  Except awesome. You can never have too much awesome. Love, Dad.”  Another note quoted Benjamin Franklin and said, “Either write something worth read or do something worth writing.” You can read more of his work at his blog or his facebook  page.

“I want my daughter to know how much I love her and want her to grow up to be a strong, positive, self-confident woman,” he told HuffPost. “I wanted that before I was diagnosed, but now I recognize that our time together is finite.”

While Garth is a fighter, he wants to leave his words with his daughter in case he succumbs to his illness.  She in return has written him napkin notes back and has needed her own napkin supply.  Perhaps this Valentine’s Day, you can start your own practice of napkin notes.  It might just be what your child needs to hear when she feels alone, unloved, scared, or unsupported.  While much can be communicated via text, e-mails, and through other instant means, how powerful the written note. –How powerful indeed….


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