Sunday Morning Shout Out

While for some of us, this may seem like the longest, coldest winter ever, outside of flying to Tahiti, there are other ways to survive it. May I suggest even thrive in it? –Or just embrace it a little.  A great post at KC Edventures suggests some ways for young families to pair some classic and  newer winter reads with awesome activities.  The post is titled Fun with Kids Books and Winter Activities and lists books from Lita Judge’s The Red Sled and Jane Yolen’s  Owl Moon to Ezra Jack Keats’ The Snowy Day and Laura Ingall Wilder’s Sugar Snow,  kids can sled and decide what animal they would be wooshing down a giant hill; take a nighttime walk with a parent to see the moon; have a snowy adventure, accompanied by a trail making stick; or even try their hand at making sugar snow.  There are many more books and ideas listed.

Speaking of books, how about beating cabin fever with a trip to the library.  From  the winter books mentioned for the younger set and great books for the older set, to in house movies, lectures, book clubs for all ages, live entertainment, and new releases that rival many video store offerings, libraries are a great way to shake the winter blues. For a full list of winter events, check out the Erie County Library website, the Nioga Library website, and Pioneer Library website to see what’s happening in your area.  There you will find individual links for your  city, town, or village’s local library.

Other cabin fever avoidance ideas for you and your family might include:  a game night or game afternoon; some family cooking or baking; snow shoeing; your own indoor/outdoor Olympics;  a long day-dream; many rounds of hot chocolate; a family dance party; a  family snow ball fight. I think I will stop. I think all the snow and cold have gotten to my head.


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