You Call That A Blizzard?

Blizzard of 77; Buffalo, NY

Blizzard of 77; Buffalo, NY

Yesterday was another blizzard day for us.  So we in Western New York (WNY) have now been blessed to have had two ‘official’ blizzards in one year.  Not quite sure what they call a blizzard today because what we experienced in the Blizzard of 1977 or the Six Pack Blizzard of 1985 makes what we had yesterday seem like a ‘dusting’.  Like Forgotten Buffalo says in their article on Buffalo snow “Even if it is the middle of summer, Buffalonians know that winter is right around the corner. Here is a secret….most of us LOVE IT!  Snow, slush, winds and gray skies. As to winter, I say, “Bring it On!” Even as an adult, there is nothing like a snow day in Buffalo.”

To me the winter is a great break from the useless monotony of mowing grass three times a week in the spring and summer.  Plus, I have learned to put the snow to use via skiing, skating, sledding and it is a great excuse to read more.  Snow days mean looking out the window, shaking my head, wondering when I should shovel the walk and drive and then saying ‘nope, it’s still coming down maybe another log on the fire, a cup of coffee and a bit more reading or putting away Christmas decorations is a better use of my time’.

The thing with blizzards in WNY is that we usually have some warning and we are used to snow.  With that warning you know to gas up the vehicle, get your groceries, TP, batteries, candles and beverages of choice.  Depending on your job you either get some extra work done the day before, take some home or just plan on having a long drive when the storm hits.  I used to work at a Nursing Home so it was basically mandatory I made it to work.  As such, it was not unusual to get stuck at work so it was natural to keep an overnight bag in the car.

In addition to usually having advance warning the damage from blizzards is usually minimal.   Compared to hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis and other forms of wrath Mother Nature sends blizzards are the least destructive.  Sure we budget for snow removal every year and this year has been very costly but compared to other acts of nature the costs are less and there tends to be few fatalities.

March 2014 Dusting

March 2014 Dusting

Our day yesterday ‘trapped in the house’ included:

  • Teaching a 6-year-old how to make Blueberry Pancakes and reading measurements
  • Reading
  • Watching educational videos about dragonflies
  • Stoking the fire
  • Putting together a 3-D wooden elephant puzzle
  • Cleaning the living room
  • Organizing DVD’s, Books and Toys
  • Feeding the Geckos
  • Taking a Nap
  • Studying spelling words
  • Making a boiled dinner of corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes (Yes it can snow on St. Patricks day here!)
  • Putting the snow suit on over the PJ’s and going outside to shovel, make snow angels, climb snow banks and making snow bank chairs

What a great family day.  We still had other things on our list to do but the weather calmed down.  So here is hoping we have another Blizzard.  It doesn’t really matter what magnitude as long as we can make it three in 2014!


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