Sunday Morning Shout Out

clownYes, we may just have the next generation’s late night talk show host in our family.  Our son is very good at being funny.  It may be the huge mischievous streak that runs through him; the confluence of two parents with a very dry sense of humor; or perhaps luck, fate, or his predestined place in life.  At two and half, he is a cut up.  He already tells knock-knock jokes;  says many funny and witty things; and can dance a  mean streak.  Oh the faces he can make! He is open, entertaining, and like every child- something to behold.

The little guy is precocious.  He has earned the nicknames little Diablo, leprechaun, and little hooligan by his parents and grandparents.  He is the subject of many stories.  There was the instance of him making himself look like a young Abe Lincoln.  Mama thought it would be cute to have him decorate some gift wrap with an ink pad and stamps.  It was, till mama left the room.  There was the baby powder incident.  Mama was on the phone.  Left to his own devices, our son made our bathroom look like it had an inch of snow on the ground.  Then there is the contact lens story, where a certain young lad got into his mother’s contacts, and decided to try his hand at disinfecting them.

Between him and his sisters, we meet our humor quotient.  This is a very good thing!  As they say, laughter is the best medicine.  Did you know that laughing is one of the first things we do as a newborn?  The article “The Importance of Humor Research” at the “Psychology Today” website discusses this fact and the other powerfully good things humor can bring to life.  From benefiting circulation in our body and helping people face adversity and stress to helping people grieve and making us more compatible with others, humor does wonders.  There are a host of other benefits that are discussed at the PBS website that highlights the three-part series titled “This Emotional Life” with a good deal of coverage on the “Benefits of Humor”.   When we laugh natural feel good chemicals called endorphins and natural painkillers called dopamine, run through our body.,  making us feel better in mood and helping any bodily pain.  Laughing improves our body’s natural immunity.  It also increases problem solving abilities and creativity.

With all these great things, it’s time to get laughing!  If you are in need of help, my suggestion is to ask your children for some assistance or children you know.  They are naturally full of good material.  What is your favorite humorous moment with your child? Please share.  I could/we could all use a laugh.


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