Juanita Lauer Quinn - My Mom; My Teacher!

Juanita Lauer Quinn – My Mom; My Teacher!

The last eight months have been pretty difficult for us here on a personal level as many loved ones have become ill and passed on. The last two weeks have been especially hard as my Mom had an accident that unfortunately hastened her demise.  I was lucky enough to spend a great deal of time with her over the last couple of weeks and thought I’d share what I posted on her memorial page since a mother is a child’s first and often greatest teacher.  My mother was that to me and she continues to give me ‘lessons’ despite now being gone.  Here is my entry for her ‘Share a Story’:

Not much of a storyteller am I since like my Mom I’m a bit ‘short, blunt and to the point.’  She was also a bit cold and calculated, but her love for her children (Donna, Joanne, Colleen, William, Kenneth and Steve), grandchildren, husband (Thomas), almost adopted child (Cheyanne), friends, work, General Hospital, and hobbies was unfaltering. The hugs she gave were only limited by your perception.  Her tears were very few and the immense pain she bore in her last years was kept to her self.  If you ‘dared’ to talk to her the advice she gave was perhaps not what you wanted to hear but you knew it was honest.  Her smiles were often hidden, a bit of a poker-faced lady, but when they came they lit up a room.  She cared deeply about everyone and yet loved to ‘stir the pot’ enjoying the bounty of emotions it produced.

Her work at the Erie County Home and Infirmary as a Nurses Aide and CSEA Union Stewart was a big part of the caring climate residents and staff enjoyed there.  Often she came home battered and bruised wanting only to get into her 6pm bath but by 5:30am she was up and getting ready for her next adventure at ‘The Home’.  Her stories about the day made for great dinner conversations at ‘her home’.

Christmas Eve with my Mom was amazing!  She shopped ALL year and Santa brought everyone loads of wonderful gifts.  Christmas changed through the years as I aged, but somehow she always kept it a time of joy, caring and happiness no matter what.  The older grandchildren were lucky enough to enjoy some of the most memorable ones I remember in the decades of 1990 and 2000. However, even this past Christmas with her husband living his final days and herself with a broken foot and other bodily pains she pulled off another wonderful Christmas Eve.  We’ll never have Christmas like that again but I certainly will keep the memories!  

Easter, the 4th of July, Good Friday, Tom’s Birthday, and Thanksgiving were all made special by my mother even if she had to work them.  She wasn’t rich but the love and caring she gave certainly made her a family millions in love!  Tom and her have already started to send us messages and ‘tricks.’  A bit freaky at times but we look forward to more as the years go bye

Getting to here I guess I am a bit of a story teller because I know I could go on here with the special things she did for me for hours.  I was lucky enough to spend almost two hours with her as she drew her final breaths telling her how much she meant to me.  I did the final wish she asked of me Sunday evening as I removed my ‘Dynasty Beard.’  While she couldn’t say anything the smile it brought her for what seemed an eternity truly helped me understand life a whole lot more.  Thank you Mom!  Love Ken


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  1. Nicole

    So very sorry! My thoughts and prayers with your family at this most difficult time.

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