Mother’s Day On A Student Budget

Mothers DayMother’s Day is on Sunday, May 11th and, as a student, you probably don’t have much free cash to show your mother a little appreciation on her special day.  The good news is that Mother’s Day isn’t really about spending money so much as it is about showing your mother that you really appreciate all the things she does for you.  When it comes to Mother’s Day, it’s the sincerity and the thought that counts.  It is also about family and connectedness so don’t forget to engage your Mom’s significant other and any siblings you may have.  Here are some really great ways to show your mother a little love on her special day.

Keeping It Clean
While doing chores that you are already responsible for doesn’t count, you can do work your Mother would normally do to make her life easier. Do the laundry, wash her car, clean the house or do all the cooking for a week. Giving her a break will not only make her day, it will also give you an idea of just how much work she puts in to her family and her home.

Spring Picnic
With exams and end of term stress, most of you have not yet been able to enjoy the warmer Spring weather.  Plan a picnic with your family so that you can all spend some time together.  Take your Mother to the park or to another great natural setting.  Make a lunch or dinner for the family to share including all her favorite foods.  Pack some outdoor activities such as soccer or baseball for added family fun.

Family Entertainment
If you mother likes going to the movies or the theater, take her out to see a show on Mother’s Day or stay at home and watch her favorite movie with her (even if it’s not your favorite movie!).  You can make some popcorn and prepare all her favorite snacks too.

Dinner El Fresco
If you are planning to cook your mother a special meal for Mother’s Day, then take it outside! Dinner on the roof, in the garden or in the park is a great way to make a family meal even more fun.  Play charades after dinner or bring a board game that you all enjoy.

Putting in the time and effort to do something special for your mother is what will make Mother’s Day special for her.  Making a cake, creating a card, writing a poem or cooking a special meal is a fool-proof way of showing appreciation on her special day.  Your mom does so much for you and she really deserves a little bit of creativity and imagination this Mother’s Day.  For me this will be the first Mother’s Day since my Mom passed away so it will be challenging but I’ll remember all the great times we had together.

P.S.  Mom’s…it is OK to give us hints on what you’d like to do on your day.  When we’re small we also appreciate you helping us make it a special day!

Note: Adapted from a post originally published 4/25/2014 on the Tutor Doctor Corp. blog


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