Sunday Morning Shout Out

crazy momIt’s amazing what produces this feeling at this point in life.  Call it giddiness, delight, excitement, butterflies in the stomach, my hearts a flutter, a wow inspiring type of feeling!  In a “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus,” type of way, I unexpectedly had over two hours to myself this evening.  My husband took all three children to baseball practice.

You of course love your children.  I of course get some respite from the demands of motherhood.  Yet typically these days, it is a very planned out type of thing.  Typically time like this comes at bedtime, as our two and a half year-old is bucking the system and resisting his naps like a a seasoned protester and disciple of civil (okay not always so civil) disobedience.  This was different.  This felt like Godiva was giving out free samples in the neighborhood.  This felt like driving down the highway with the windows down, and your favorite song playing on the radio.  This felt like the most exhilarating run.  This felt almost illicit!

What is a mama without her children to do?  There were a million necessary items on the to do list.  My post dinner kitchen was looking a little frat boyish.  There were those calls to return for the committees I am on and e-mails to send out.  Yet I made a choice.  The choice was to abscond from the dirty dish ridden kitchen and grab a book.  Imagine reading like this during the part of the day when your eyes aren’t involuntarily shutting on you!  This felt, dare I say, novel.

As I sunk back into the couch, I did an Olympic dive into the book.  I then got up and drank a cup of hot tea while it was still hot.  I took a breath and let refreshing gratitude wash over me, and rejuvenate me.  I dove again into the book.   I drank more tea.  As the family came home and went off to bed, the feeling of rejuvenation remains.  So does the gratitude.  Wishing you this, all this today!


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  1. Maria

    What a good description of the by d y days of a mother and the joy of few self time

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