Sunday Morning Shout Out

Crockpoting saves time, money and can be more nutritional than eating out or 'fast food'

Crockpoting saves time, money and can be more nutritional than eating out or ‘fast food’

Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to a fast food place!?  It’s an easy but unnecessary choice on those busy school nights that also now have those after school sports activities.  I have been thinking about this again lately, as our girls get ready to start baseball this spring.  You know those nights where each child is at a different practice or game, and you are trying to assemble a decent dinner before you go.  Never fear, never despair, with a little planning and creativity, a decent meal is possible.

Crockpot meals must have been invented by a busy parent.  Is there anything better than a warm meal, already made when you come through the door?  Stay at home parent or work parent, there are many times when errands, commitments, or the workday prevent you from cooking before going out the door for the night.  At the website, there are crockpot recipes for every taste palate. From beef dishes to meatless dishes, that ready, warm, shared meal can be just the grounding force before the busyness of a hectic night.  My other favorite website is for a crockpot meal or any other meal that strikes your fancy.  Go there with a new idea; to see what you can make with the ingredients in your pantry or freezer; or for some simple inspiration, with many options per search.  There is a means at this site to search in any of these capacities.

Sometimes meals must be taken on the go.  Do you want to avoid the clown or the king?  How about making it and taking it?  Stow away some extra paper plates, silverware, napkins, a blanket, and a cooler in your vehicles.  Think of some easy portable options.  Whether it is peanut butter and jelly, hummus, egg salad or good turkey cold cuts and cheese, pair some sandwiches or rollups with some fruit and vegetables, and you have a great, fun, healthy, and decent meal.  While there is not a cheap prize at the end for you or your little ones, there is the reward of knowing what you fed your family; that it was healthy; affordable; and not regrettable.

Happy Mothers Day!


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