Monday “Think About It”

If spring is such a ‘happy’ season why am I so stressed out?  Why don’t I find Pharrell Williams song so bloody HAPPY? Was it the hard winter? Perhaps it is the numerous family deaths catching up? Maybe it is the winter fat showing it’s ugly face in the mirror? The spring allergies? The drastic increases I’m seeing on food prices in the store?  The slowness of business?  The lack of Affordable Healthcare? Politicians? Siblings?

I’m sure all of these have a small roll but for me it is cutting grass!  What a waste of time, energy and resources.  It is a big part of the lack of writing I get to do here on this blog since this is the time of year when you can cut it three times a week in our Western New York area.

Push or rider I don’t care because cutting grass just gets you nowhere! I can’t wait till my daughter can help but till then how I look forward to the dog days of summer 2014 when I can cut the grass so short it burns out and then I can just trim the weeds that dare to show any signs of life every two weeks.  Then I can look to Winter 2014/2015, with glee in my eye and joy in my heart, to the snow again!  To me a shovel and snow blower beats any mower!

Christmas Blues and Cindy Lou Who where are you?  Christmas in July certainly doesn’t do when the only carol I hear is my Briggs and Stratton singing with dozens more on a beautiful Monday morn!




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