Sunday Morning Shout Out

sick cartoonThe dreaded stomach bug made an appearance at our house this past week.  Let’s just say it’s as unwelcome a guest as a rude relative; as unwanted as a root canal; and as much of an ‘ick’ factor as it gets for me.  Fortunately, it only took one of us completely down.  Unfortunately, when sickness comes into a house, it can sometimes set the parents back for a week, even when a child bounces back after a day.

Stomach bugs are usually caused by viruses or food poisoning.  In children, gastro-intestinal illness is usually pretty short-lived.  At Web MD’sRemedies for Nausea and Vomiting,”, there is much good information about how to best treat such sickness in children.  From ensuring your child stays hydrated through water and other liquids (including: juice, broth, and drinks with electrolytes in them) to applying acupressure to eliminate nausea and the use of ginger to remedy it, there are many good ideas for parents.  I would like to add prevention strategies, such as teaching your child proper hand washing and using probiotics. Probiotics, as you are probably well aware, are widely available and a means of replacing good bacteria in your body, that can be lost through antibiotic use, and by the things we eat and do not eat.  These things, combined with rest, can help keep the stomach bug out of your home and out of your lives.  Can I hear an AMEN?


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