A New Family Time

So it is getting closer to the end of the school year.  I remember that when I went to elementary school many moons ago it was a time of review for finals and very little ‘new’ learning.  That certainly isn’t the case today.  Instead my first grade daughter has an Ecology project and presentation due this Friday and we have just been informed that a History project is coming!

Now it is great that learning has been extended for more of the school year but two big project in the final month seems a bit over the top.  This is especially true for parents of grammer school children who are really the ‘doers’ of these projects.  And yet, looking at it from another perspective these school projects are actually promoting more family time since they call for a family effort to complete them.  Thinking of it this way makes the tears, smiles, Aha’s, tension, time crunches, brain breaks and debates somewhat more bearable.  Already my daughter and us are much wiser about water ecology and smiling about our ideas.  Now lets hope we can pull it off by Friday!  As our fish says…’Don’t worry, be happy’


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