Sunday Morning Shout Out

For me, Memorial Day break always feels like a teasing older sibling.  You know you are in the home stretch with school, but the silvery shore is still a little off in the distance.  With bonfires, barbequing, and gardening, I have this sense of putting my toes in summer’s waters, before having to pull them out for school on Tuesday morning.  This false sense of done permeates the often humid air.  It seems there is a switch that someone flicks over the long weekend that sends our weather into high summer gear.  Yet as parents, it is important for us to guide our children successfully to the finish line and complete things well.  The question is what does this look like?

After reading many good articles on this subject (see links below), I can tell you what it does not look like.

  1. It is not the time to skip breakfast or have a sugar-laden one.  Balanced, nutritious breakfasts are as important, if not more important, as students gear up to finish projects, papers, and last assignments in class.  Empty stomachs do not do well on exams! While getting everyone at the table to have breakfast for the bus comes can feel like a herculean effort, eating well can produce herculean results.
  2. It is not time to ditch the schedule.  With end of year activities (exams, projects, papers) competing with sporting events and fine weather, it becomes even more important to schedule wisely.  Help your children plan out their time, but wisely accounting for your own. Teach them to break down assignments into bite size pieces, breaking when needed.  To learn this now, as opposed to rushing to finish things for assignment or cramming for a test, does not do anyone good.
  3. It’s not time to ignore homework assignments or lay off on school work.  Homework reinforces what is learned in the classroom. No one wants their child to lose academic gains.  If enthusiasm is weak, it is time to muster up some for your child’s works and cheer and encourage wildly to the finish line.
  4. It’s not time to forgo sleep.  Healthy sleep, much like good nutrition, keeps the body well. Sleep time is essential time for integrating and processing new information learned.
  5. It’s not time to “down” school. Remember attitude is contagious.  If you enthusiastically end school, your children will sure or at least more likely follow….


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